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BTS Jin opened up a new restaurant with his brother. On July 22, reported sightings from fans and passers-by of Jins new restaurant spread across social media. This recently-opened restaurant

BTS Girlfriends: Complete Dating History Of The K-pop

BTS haven’t dropped a music video since that of the Steve Aoki and Desiigner remix last year. So fans will surely be excited about this new teaser… even if it is for a duty free brand.

BTS MV for Lotte Duty Free gets teaser as boys sign up

El drama nos cuenta la historia de dos hombres que siempre han querido viajar al espacio, los cuales intentan conseguir ser elegidos para un proyecto de astronautas en un momento cuando la energía de la Tierra se ha agotado.

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Jimin is known for his cute social media posts (Picture: Twitter) BTS are the K-pop group storming the whole world with their impeccable dancing, singing, and rapping.

BTS (방탄소년단) - BTS Cypher PT. 4 - Color Coded Lyrics

the truth is no matter who you are or how much you love this song taehyung will always love it 200x more than you


And BTS members are Koreans too so they hug and touch each other etc but not necessarily in any romantic way. Even if they do, I’m pretty sure Jimin and Jungkook are smart enough to keep it a secret.

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I heard it, [JIMIN] jukji ana mutji mara sori jilleo not not today [JIN] kkulchi mara ulji ana soneul deureo not not today [TAE] Hey not not today


BTS V Celebrates Birthday Early With Hwarang Friends Park Seo Joon & Park Hyung Sik. BTS V celebrates birthday early with Hwarang buddies Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik.

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Jimin is a South Korean singer born on October 13, 1995 in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. He is a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys.

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BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, V, Jin and J-Hopes are all currently single, but there have been plenty of dating rumours surrounding them.

Who is BTS star Jimin, and is he dating anyone? | Metro News bts jimin dating

Bts jimin dating jimin real name is park bts jimin dating jimin 2.Jimin favorite number is 3 3.Jimin favorite color is light blue, black 4.Jimin bender pimp episode blood type online dating mental health is a 5.Jimins family is dad.

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BTS Dating Game (RPG) Created By Jeon Irene . On Mar 29, 2017. You are a transfer student in BigHit academy in Seoul Korea (P.S Please dont go harsh on me) You met seven students and guess what? Cmon! Embed. Facebook Comments. Quizzes Personality Quiz Quiz Bts Celebrities J-Hope Jimin Jin Jungkook Rapmon Suga V. TRENDING